| 24/04/2009 2:50 pm

  • Khashoggi murder 'planned days in advance" - Turkey's Erdogan - President Erdogan says the writer was killed in a "savage way" and demands explanations from Saudis.
  • Street harassment 'relentless' for women and girls - Being harassed has become 'normal' - and it's time for the government to act, a group of MPs say.
  • Tommy Robinson: Contempt case referred to attorney general - The judge said the contempt of court case was too complex and needed further consideration.
  • More takeaways on high street despite anti-obesity push - Campaigners say they lead to more obesity, but councils say they need extra powers to curb their growth.
  • John Lewis pulls the plug on DVD players - Slump in sales sparks move by department store chain, which will continue to sell Blu-ray players.
  • World's longest sea bridge: Aerial shots over the Hong Kong-Zhuhai crossing - It connects Hong Kong with mainland China, but the mega-bridge is not without controversy.
  • WWE's Roman Reigns gives up title due to leukaemia - Roman Reigns gives up the Universal Championship but declares he will be "coming back home".
  • Uber ups London prices to pay for electric cars - The 15p fee will be handed to drivers to help them pay for an all-electric car, says ride-hailing firm
  • Vegetarian meat substitutes 'exceeding salt limits' - One brand of meat-free "bacon" is saltier than Atlantic seawater, according to Action on Salt's report.
  • Shipwreck found in Black Sea is 'world's oldest intact' - A Greek merchant ship dating back more than 2,400 years is found almost perfectly preserved.
  • Amputee PC told public how to save his life after car crash - PC Tom Dorman says people ran out of their homes to stop "catastrophic" bleeding in his leg.
  • Woman seeks designer to make dress of dead mother's hair - It would feature hair sewn into the sleeves, trim, collar and bodice of the ballroom-style dress.
  • What's different about this painting? - A painting created by artificial intelligence will be auctioned by Christie's this week.
  • Amy Schumer uses Meghan pic to announce pregnancy - The comedian announced the news via a friend's Instagram story, and a photoshopped picture.
  • The Papers: Defiant May and plastic 'polluting' people - The PM's Commons showdown on Brexit attracts headlines alongside a study into toxic microplastics.
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